Abbots Bromley Nostalgia Team

The Abbots Bromley Nostalgia team consists of four individuals who dedicate their time to keeping the history of Abbots Bromley alive for our future generations.


Our aim is to bring your local history to life… to preserve it, and make it accessible to all for future generations
– The Abbots Bromley Nostalgia Team



Born and brought up in Abbots Bromley. Following a lengthy period away pursuing his career, he is now back home. With many interests in a range of other village organisations, Tom is committed to the work of the Nostalgia Team, and has a deep seated knowledge of local history.


Born and brought up in Abbots Bromley. Elaine spent decades researching her own family tree plus the men named on the War Memorial. Her Great Grandfather, Uncle and Dad have all danced in the Horn Dance.


Jean is able to trace her family history in Abbots Bromley back to the middle 1800’s. Her Great Grandfather, and Grandad were in the Horn Dance. Jean also was born and brought up in Abbots Bromley. After she retired from the Library service she then became interested in helping to uncover our village history.


Born in Stafford, Chris’s roots originate from Abbots Bromley and has always had an interest in the village and it’s history. His present research concentrates on military history of the village and the School of St Mary’s. For many years Chris was a voluntary archivist at St Anne’s.

Latest Posts by the Abbots Bromley Nostalgia Team

  • Abbots Bromley FC
    Pictured here is one of Abbots Bromley FC great players. His name is George Willetts (pictured here with his son) he was scouted by West Bromwich Albion and other clubs… Read More »Abbots Bromley FC
  • RAF Abbots Bromley
    Remembering the airmen who lost their lives over Abbots Bromley. Some coming back from raids in Germany, some pilots training from RAF Abbots Bromley. We will remember them.
  • Prisoners of War
    Remembering the Prisoners of War. Dennis Tomlinson of Lichfield Road – served in The Leicester Regt. Captured by the Japanese 15/2/1942 in Singapore. Dennis never got over his ordeal and… Read More »Prisoners of War
  • Our Fallen in WW2
    Remembering from WW2.. George Horton Fenny was born in 1920 to parents Charles and Minnie Fenny. George served with the 8th Royal Tank Regiment, R.A.C. Death 21st September 1944 in… Read More »Our Fallen in WW2
  • Vicar’s Son
    Christopher Berkeley was born on the 3rd of June 1896 in Abbots Bromley to the Reverend Stuart Berkeley and Edith Mary. On the 1901 census, the family are recorded as… Read More »Vicar’s Son
  • George Henry Arnold
    George Henry Arnold was born in 1886 to Fanny Arnold. Fanny was the daughter of Stephen and Hannah Arnold of Branston. On the 1891 census, George then aged 5 was… Read More »George Henry Arnold

Having been born and brought up in Abbots Bromley, I am delighted to be part of a team who are as enthusiastic as myself in researching our local history. There is so much to investigate within every area of our community that it is sometimes difficult to keep a focus on where the research is taking you. Without doubt, the best feeling is when it all comes together and we are able to present an interesting display of our findings. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our growing collection of photographs + oral memories across the years, and we hope that our work continues to be of interest to everyone.

Tom (Abbots Bromley Nostalgia Team)


We wish to thank the many Abbots Bromley residents who have allowed us to view and record their family memorabilia. Along with the many anecdotes, and personal stories handed down through the ages, we have been able to build a detailed picture of our local heritage. We are always ready to receive new information and welcome the continued interest shown for our research.

Much of our detailed research is also provided by other avid historians. We are grateful for the contributions and insight of Richard Roberts and Bernard Price and look forward to further input from them as we continue to develop our data base.

The archive department of ‘The Abbots Bromley School’ are also recognised for their many contributions to our work. It has reaffirmed the close relationship that exists between the community and the school for almost 150 years.

Funding Support

To date, we have received welcome financial support for our work from Abbots Bromley Parish Council, East Staffordshire Borough Council and Staffordshire County Council, as well as personal donations from local supporters. Thank you to everyone who has contributed.




Your generosity makes our work possible and preserves history for future generations.


We love to hear about your personal stories handed down through the ages.


Your donated memorabilia enables us to build a detailed picture of our local heritage.


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