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On Saturday the 27th January, the team will be in Church House displaying work undertaken regarding the restoring of fallen/broken memorials in our village churchyard.

The team want to keep our village history alive and wasn’t happy seeing headstones that had been laid flat for safety reasons, meaning some have been damaged even more due to weather conditions etc.

Headstones can tell us so many interesting facts, not just date of death and age, but much more, like where people lived i.e Wigan family lived in Hall Hill Lane, Cope family lived at Marlpit House, Mr Foster was the publican at the Blacks Head, Stevenson family farmed at Marsh Farm, Mr Twigg was the Butler for many years to the Meynell family at Hoar Cross Hall. All these people have played a part in our village history whether it was for employment or serving them beer. Come along and see our research and have a chat between 10 – 4. Refreshments are available.

We are also keen to get the following memorials back where they belong – Lyons family kerb, Cope, Brown (Heatley), Harvey, Denny, Mr Twigg (butler) and Woodroffe from Bank House plus many more.

Maybe you would like to adopt a grave or even help when we spend a morning tidying up the churchyard. We hope to see you Saturday.

This is part of our celebration of 405 years of Church House.